Hi! I’m Chris!

I’m an avid writer that spends way too much time reading about games and dogs.

Hello! and welcome to my portoflio!

My name is Chris Ng, and this is the work I’m best known for right now. In this portfolio, you’ll see my gaming writing, dog blog writing, and some of my voice work.

Who are you?

  • Freelance writer with 8 years of experience.
  • Written articles on a plethora of topics including, dogs, psychology, gaming, career advice, food reviews, product reviews, and science.
  • Has a bottomless hunger for SEO knowledge.

I’m a writer with 8 years of experience writing articles about gaming and dogs primarily. However, I’ve also been hired to write career-oriented articles, food reviews, product reviews, and some scientific articles.

I have a deep passion for learning new material, which allows me to thoroughly research any topic and create an article based on my findings. I write with SEO in mind, and I’m always happy to show what can help or hurt an article’s ranking in most search engines.


I went to the University of California, San Diego, and got a Bachelors in Philosophy. After that I got a certificate in Data Analysis and Visualization.

After I left college, I gathered experience as a writer, dog trainer, voice actor, and game designer. My diverse background is what allows me to adapt to almost any challenge thrown at me.

What else have you done?

My most prominent work is on GamersDecide.com, where I wrote list articles, guides, and analysis pieces on different topics within gaming. Beyond that, my other work can be seen on my two personal website projects AerialBreadgaming.com and pawsandeffectblog.com.

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